Ordinary Just Isn't Your Style

Hire us for a custom staircase installation in Menlo Park or Campbell, CA

If you need a new staircase, consider a custom staircase installation from Great Metal Design. Our team can fabricate specialty staircases that you won't be able to find anywhere else. We start each staircase with a metal structure to ensure that it's safe and sturdy, and we can add concrete or wood to give your stairs a stylistic touch.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We do custom staircase installations in Menlo Park, CA, Campbell, CA and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Three benefits of a spiral staircase

Most of us think of staircases in terms of function, but they can also showcase your personal style. A spiral staircase installation can:

1. Maximize space
2. Add value to your property
3. Complement your existing fixtures

Our custom staircases are safe, functional and designed specifically for our valued customers. Call now to schedule a spiral staircase installation.